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About Farmin

Farmin is a remote monitoring platform for agriculture that combines the power of artificial intelligence and satellite imagery. We pre-analyze entire regions to differentiate arable lands. Based on satellite imagery, each acre of your farm is analyzed for strength and weaknesses. Frequent status updates of your farm are provided, and any anomaly is reported for quick intervention.

Satellite Imagery

Market-leading experience and services

Multispectral daily satellite imagery of your field; continuous field coverage and daily updates

Artificial Intelligence

Market-leading experience and services

AI-automated expert agronomist to analyze each acre: monitor changes, recommend action and predict incoming issues

Field Health

Market-leading experience and services

Assessing plant health and provides detailed current and future status of your field: water, nutrient, and weather conditions

The Process

Comprehensive ground and satellite data are collected in real time and sent to an artificial intelligence algorithm to provide in depth analysis of all these farms. This allows continuous monitoring of all farms, assessing plant growth, estimating production quantity and quality, efficiently studying irrigation systems, and maximizing yield.
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We work to maximize production yield with efficient and sustainable farming
Dr. Ali Al Hammadi
Dr. Ali Al Hammadi
Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Ziang Zhang
Dr. Ziang Zhang
Co-Founder & CTO

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