About Farmin

We utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence and Remote sensing to deliver value-based solutions. These solutions can benefit agriculture, municipalities, natural reservations, deforestation, along with many other government entities by cutting costs, allowing faster response and providing accelerated path toward digitization.

To lead AI-powered platforms to deliver innovative geo-spatial solutions and critical insights for smart cities.

What we strive to achieve in the next 3-5 years…

To be the forefront solution for geo spatial monitoring and enhance data usage across MENA region by 2025

How we will realize our vision…

Research and Product Development

Continue research and product development in order to validate product/market fit

Market Awareness & penetration

Raise required capital (after validating product/market fit)


Driving market awareness and penetration (after validating product/market fit)

Formalize Operations

Formalize operations (after validating product/market fit)

Financial Growth

Strive towards the profitability agenda by conducting activities supporting the growth of revenue across the organization

The qualities we embody

Our Values


We provide an innovative and unique approach and solutions using geospatial data.


In Space data, we trust.


We believe our friendly culture is key to creating a homogenous team and deliver complete solutions.


We are a curious team and energetic doers with a clear sense of purpose to deliver more.


We invest a lot in R&D capabilities to come up with new solutions and visuals